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Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. (PCRI) is hosting a fundraiser at the Oregon Public House on November 14th, 2017. A portion of the food and drinks during the day will go towards our Pathway 1000 initiative. During happy hour (5pm-8pm), there will be beer, food, live performances, spoken word and more!

Please come out and support our initiative!

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PCRI hosted a kick off event for its Pathway 1000 Initiative on October 7, 2017. At the kick off event, families and individuals had the chance to learn about homeownership and other opportunities available as part of the initiative, as well as more information about the initiative and its goal of ending involuntary displacement.

Pathway 1000 is a displacement mitigation initiative created by PCRI and informed through community outreach and feedback. In addition to mitigating displacement, the initiative aims to reclaim the historic heart and soul of Portland’s African American community, building prosperity for African Americans and others displaced from North and Northeast Portland through the development of 1,000 new affordable homes during the next decade. This development will create hundreds of living-wage jobs, business growth and additional development opportunity throughout the duration of the 10-year initiative.

Arika and JenniferIn addition to individuals and families interested in learning about homeownership opportunity, industry professionals are encouraged to attend to learn more about how their organization or business can participate in the initiative. Attorneys, architects, finance professionals, contractors and others are invited to join in the Pathway 1000 initiative.

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Providing homeownership opportunities and housing counseling assistance to low-income families ensures long-term affordability, stabilizes residents and their neighborhoods and helps families build equity and break the cycle of poverty.

In conjunction with the Pathway 1000 Initiative, PCRI is adding additional focus in current and future housing development efforts to increase opportunities for homeownership. PCRI’s goal is to address active and ongoing involuntary displacement of African Americans and other low income residents from the neighborhoods we serve.

To learn more, join PCRI’s Pathway 1000 kick-off event on October 7, 2017, or visit www.pcrihome.org/homeownership.



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During the period from the mid-1990’s to 2010, 10,000 residents—primarily African Americans—were forced to relocate out of North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods.  Essentially, 3 people every day for 10 years were forced to find another place to live.

To accomplish our  goal of addressing this involuntary displacement, PCRI established a displacement mitigation initiative, Pathway 1000, with the sole purpose and intent of slowing and reversing the involuntary displacement of long term residents previously forced to move from N/NE Portland, and current residents at risk of displacement.  Through the Pathway 1000 initiative, PCRI aims to build and create at least 1,000 homes, many of which will be available to purchase.  The homes will be located throughout the city of Portland, with the primary focus on the N/NE Portland neighborhoods where displaced families previously resided

“We cannot undo the harms done, but rather must focus on restoring housing justice for those who were harmed,” said PCRI Executive Director Maxine Fitzpatrick.

PCRI’s goal is to support and encourage displaced African-Americans to focus on the future. Homeownership is the stabilizing solution to displacement.  Investing in opportunities and assistance for low-income families ensures long-term affordability and stabilizes residents in their neighborhood.

The 1,000 homes will be constructed at a level of 100 homes per year over the next ten years. PCRI is targeting involuntarily displaced residents who were forced to relocated due to escalating housing costs, or because their rental home was sold to a homeowner. PCRI encourages interested community members to participate and learn more via PCRI’s website and social media channels.

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