Pathway 1000 is a displacement mitigation initiative created by Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI) and informed through community outreach and feedback. In addition to mitigating displacement, the initiative aims to reclaim the historic heart and soul of Portland’s African-American community, building prosperity for African-Americans and others displaced from North and Northeast Portland through the development of 1,000 new affordable homes during the next decade.

Maxine Fitzpatrick, Executive Director

“After NE Portland gentrified, did you ever think you would own a home in NE Portland that would be affordable for your family? Or that your family could remain in or return to neighborhoods you called home for so long?” asks PCRI Executive Director Maxine Fitzpatrick. “PCRI believes you deserve that opportunity – if you want it. You have a right to the neighborhood where you grew up, where your parents grew up and where your kids grew up. Yes, there are many, many new people living in NE Portland – however, you lived here first and you can remain or return here. That, amongst many other factors, gives you a “right to return”.

This development will create hundreds of living-wage jobs, business growth and additional development opportunity throughout the 10-year initiative. In addition to individuals and families interested in learning about homeownership opportunity, industry professionals are encouraged to attend to learn more about how their organization or business can participate in the initiative. Attorneys, architects, finance professionals, contractors and others are invited to join in the Pathway 1000 initiative.